I have discussed several opportunities on this blog for almost five years now and recommend this book: Multiple Streams of Income in The Gambia to proactive investors or people willing to relocate to live work and invest in The Gambia. I Teach you to retiresee several untapped opportunities awaiting retirees eying this emerging market full of undiscovered potentials. However, I will like to reiterate that for someone who want to re-locate, live, invest or work in this small but beautiful country, bounded by bio-diverse River Gambia, one needs ideas and creative mind and not necessarily lots of cash to live comfortably and smile to the bank always in The Gambia. Let us consider some few examples of investments you can start with only US$10,000 and retire comfortably in a few years’ time below:
1. Refurbishing old cars and buses to new.
With an initial investment of US$500-1,500 an old car or commercial bus abandoned because of the inability of owner to repair or replaced faulty engine can be re-furbished and replaced with new engine and sprayed with new color and sold for between US$2,000-3,000. If on the average 20 cars or buses are refurbished then the investor can make average of US$50,000-60,000 annually on the initial working capital of US$10,000. Similarly, we have many other investment opportunities.
2. Real Estate
3. Day Care/Nursery School
4. Solar Energy Products
5. Packaged water and foods
6. Printing Press and corporate gifts
7. Entertainment Centers
8. Aquaculture and many more.
There are over 150 unique business opportunities with details of startup capital, markets, licensing required, where to site such businesses and anticipated profits highlighted in the book: Multiple Streams of Income in The Gambia. To get a copy send a mail to: for details.

“Tapping from the unique opportunities of Live, Work, Invest or Holiday in The Gambia”

“Tapping from the unique opportunities of Live, Work, Invest or Holiday in The Gambia”
Date: 7th -10th April 2014

Venue: Senegambia Hotel Conference Room, Banjul.
The Gambia
Attendance cost: US$250.
This includes seminar package with the guided tour of historical locations and business meetings with government officials.
Attendees are to arrive latest by 8.00 hrs on 7th April, 2014.

Participants from Nigeria can can book special rates as low as US$439.81 (return tickets) from Gambiabird  Airline.  Special discounted hotel rates available on request as low as US$250 for four nights in a 4 star hotel with meals.

This seminar promises to share the secrets of why the Lebanese, Chinese, Europeans and now Nigerians chooses The Gambia as the preferred place to do real business and smile to the banks despite the meltdown. Topics like how much is needed, immigration matters, cost of business setup, custom duties, how to enter with your goods, types of goods and services to enter with and how much is needed as start-up capital will be discussed. A free book on “Multiple Streams of Income in The Gambia: 150 businesses to choose from” will be an additional benefit to all participants. An interactive question and answer session will follow the presentation. Case Studies will be highlighted with proofs of successful businesses. The trade secrets of successful business men will be revealed. Additionally, job seekers eyeing teaching appointments, contractors will be guided into key projects to bid for, volunteers and investors or other sectors will be guided to have their dreams fulfilled. Any interested investor or trader willing to relocate and settle in The Gambia within 2 weeks can be assisted, even, with little capital. The seminar will also take care of holiday makers desirous of a unique tourist destination with notably places like Makasutu Forest, Janjanbureh, Kunta Kinteh Village(Roots), Abuko Nature Resertve, James Island, Kachikally Crocodile pool and a lot more.
Therefore, keep a date and kindly reserve your seat for the seminar by registering now.
For more details on living in The Gambia, cost of living, people and culture, economy, work opportunities, investment guide and general over view
<a href=””>Click Here!</a>:
Register now, limited spaces available.
We look forward to meeting you.
For more details and reservation form send email to:

Creative Minds Foundation.

50,Garba Jahumpa Road, Bakau New Town.

Bakau.The Gambia.

Tel:+234-8907274, (office)




Bakau Entrepreneurship Programme for Youths

Creative Minds Foundation, a charitable, non-profit making organization has launched: “Bakau Entrepreneurship Programme for youths”. This innovative project seeks to empower Bakau youths between the ages of 18-30 years in unique vocational skill training. These include Leadership Development Skills, Briquette and briquette stove making, red bricks production and organic compost manure and pellet fertilizer from animal waste. The skill training center located at Bakau Newtown, offers free training for Bakau youths, The Gambia, with additional micro-loan financing for successful applicants with good mastery of their respective chosen business enterprise.This project is funded by UN-Habitat. The major motivation by Creative Minds Foundation for sponsoring this project in Bakau is to alleviate poverty and impact knowledge of useful but unique vocational skills. The holistic approach of this intervention will solve many problems of environmental abuse using firewood and wood charcoal with a replacement of briquette fuel for cooking. Secondly, the cheap, stronger affordable and environmentally friendly red bricks will reduce the cost of urban housing. Lastly, the income generation potential of these enterprises is sustainable in Bakau.
The mission of Creative Minds Foundation is to render support to the people of The Gambia in the areas of skill training, industrial technological transfer, education and empowerment of youths to be economically independent. Creative Minds Foundation can be reached on +220-Creative Minds Training ProgrammeDigital CameraDigital Camera890-7274. In the words of the project coordinator, Ms Yetunde Awolesi, she opined thus: “Whatever you think in your mind is what you become. A creative mind thinks of new ways to solve the myriads of economic problems plaguing Africans today. Fortunately, at Creative Minds Foundation, we provide youths with economic solutions to change their circumstances positively and become true achievers”
Bakau youths are, therefore, encouraged to take the bull by the horns and be empowered for sustainable growth and development of their community today by joining this ongoing training and be self- employed using an interest free micro-loan finance offered after training by Creative Minds Foundation.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

New Airline Links ECOWAS Sub-Region…Gambia bird

A new airline that will network the Ecowas states with The Gambia is finally opening office along Kairaba Avenue,The Gambia. Routes like direct flights between Banjul to Lagos, Accra and other major cities at affordable rates. This is expected to boost both tourism business and investments into the stable Gambian economy.The airline is GambiaBird.
More information can be obtained at their website:
We welcome you all to the smiling coast of Africa….The Gambia


I have residential and commercial plots at Giboro near the border 35x35m plots for US$1,000 residential plot that can be developed into tourist centers or guest houses.Another plot 500x 600m for either a school, community project or agricultural program for only US$25,000
Anyone with an investment of US$15,000 can buy a cheap land and build a decent 2 sets of 2-room apartments that can pay back within 6-8 years and you own a property. The same is what you spent to rent a luxurious apartment in the high brow areas for holiday.Now why rent when you can buy cheap land, build and rent out? The investment made today will make you smile tomorrow.This is the goldmine i discovered a few years ago and i wondered why most people are still ignorant and are not making hay while the sun shines? The beauty of The Gambian investment is that you get no hassles from the locals and you have a ready market to pick your property if you put it up for sale. This is a good investment for real estate projects.Where else can you get cheap affordable plots of land with good access roads,with warm and hospitable host communities that smile all the time.This is only possible in The Gambia. Own Gambian properties today.For details contact:


Welcome to The Gambia. This is a packaged tour of the country with arrays of cars to rent or use the car hire service of CMF Tours.
A ferry ride on this navigable river will soothe stressful minds and the mangroves with the moneys and baboons entertaining visitors with natural melodies created by over 500 species of birds found in these virgin forests .A visit to Kachikali Crocodile Pool with the sacred ground offers visitors an experience of swimming in the same water with crocodiles and even playing with them without being hurt; this can only be experienced here and no where else. Abuko Nature Reserve is another place included in the offer that offers the uniqueness of seeing different types of reptiles, monkeys and other wild animals. Bird Watchers will find most of the forest areas the right places to do their filming. Another place to catch more excitements is the Fathala Reserve located between The Gambia and Senegal Border. This will provide the plat form to enter Senegal with this package. This reserve offers visitors the opportunity of riding among herds of antelopes especially the rarest ones of the Western Giant eland. Giraffes, rhinos and buffaloes are common sights to reward your visiting this park showcasing species threatened by extinction. A visit to The Gambia is never complete without experiencing the Makasutu Culture Forest. This is the best eco hotel in the world according to The Sunday Times, UK. This is home to a troupe of over 200 baboons, floating houses on water, a night of culture and dancing in the sacred forest blending with the river. The serenity and preserved forest undisturbed with the traditional people living around will always tell a natural story of the rich culture of The Gambia. The Kunta Kinteh Island in the Village of Jeffureh is an historical site of the slave era told in the film ROOTS. The National Museum in Banjul has collections of most of the artifacts. There are several relaxation sites around the Senegambia area with night clubs, beaches, restaurants and children recreational park. Bakau, Serrekunda and Bakau craft markets are places to shop for African crafts like drums, bangles, tie & dye prints and several traditional beads and carvings done locally depicting the rich culture of Senegambia. A city tour of the popular markets like Banjul, Serrekunda, Brikama, Banjul and Kairaba Avenue has been incorporated showing the true hospitality of Gambians to Visitors. Tourists can engage in fishing expeditions around the Denton Bridge or join in bird watching to take home good memories of the smiling coast of West Africa recorded on their cameras. Transportation is well coordinated with this packaged tour with flexibility of renting cars from the array of exotic cars provided by CMF Tours. A week of this soul lifting holiday will definitely soothe moods, reduce stress levels and provide the ideal Eco-tourist adventure for busy executives as an ideal form of relaxation. Experience this one week Eco-tourism in The Gambia and have a renewed mind to generate new ideas and new order of creativity for greater exploits and inventions desired. For details of booking, send email to: with subject: CMF Tours (One week Eco-tourism in The Gambia)

Rent -a-Car in Gambia

Explore nature and be immersed into Gambian culture


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