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The Gambia business directory

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Cost of Living in The Gambia 2015 is far better than most countries

I reside in the Greater Banjul area which is not far from Banjul or the airport. The global down turn has affected many world economies and The Gambia is not left out. The outbreak of Ebola last year made matters worse and many tourists bound to The Gambia cancelled their flights. In recent times the Gambian Dalasi has depreciated against the dollar. The official exchange rate as of the month of May 2015 is GMD40 =US$1
It is still affordable to live comfortable with 2-bedroom apartment asking for between GMD3, 000 -5,000 for a month in clean and densely populated area. Full compounds with 3-4 bedroom flats are rented for between GMD8, 000-15,000 monthly in quite, high brow areas called Tourist destination areas. A bag of rice of 50KG, depending on type, range from GMD 1, 500-1,800. There are restaurants one can get food like, fried rice or “Fufu” for GMD60-100 a plate. The local bread”Tapalapa” or “Senfu” are sold for GMD7 each. Eggs are sold for GMD8 each or a crate for GMD180. For an average spender, GMD10, 000 or US$250 will be enough to make you live comfortably for a month including transportation cost to most parts of the greater Banjul. The taxis are available for GMD8 for short distances. The commercial buses also charge GMD8 for a trip between West Field and Latrikunda. Brikama to W/Field cost GMD18. Internal travels between Banjul and Basse can be GMD300 or less depending on the mode of transportation. Health prices are affordable. It is advisable for tourists or first time visitors to have health insurance as the rates charged differs between citizens and visitors.US$200 budget for health is not a bad idea especially if the person has to be hospitalized. Schools are many with public schools being free to citizens and a little fee is charged from foreigners. Upper basic schools within Banjul and Greater Banjul are less than GMD1000 for a term. However, tertiary institutions like, University of The Gambia, cost between US$3,000-5,000 for non- Gambians depending on the choice of courses. Energy price costs between GMD300-500 monthly with separate meters for each apartment. Similarly, the water bill usually shared between apartments in a whole compound. Individual water bills can be from GMD50-200 depending on location and usage. There many restaurants with varying high taste especially for visitors with free Wi-Fi internet services located around the major tourist destinations like Kairaba Avenue, Kololi, Senegambia and beach areas .Their prices range from GMD200-600 per meal and choice of menu. Internet facilities are all over the major areas at affordable rates depending on the choice of connection. The data sticks are popular and are available for GMD2,000 only and units can be purchased for as low as GMD100 for 500Meg by Gamtel or GMD 275 for 1Gb by Africell network. Most importantly, the people of The Gambia are very friendly and always welcoming visitors with a smile. I still think The Gambia is a preferred destination than most other countries in the sub region for one major fact; peace.

Creative Minds Transport Service

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Business incorporation or Registration services in The Gambia done for you anywhere in the world.
Get your individual, partnership, corporate businesses, charities, not-for profit, NGOs and Associations registered today in The Gambia. Be informed with several opportunities to live, work, invest and retire in The Gambia. Choose from over 150 businesses to start today with the help of this book: Multiple Streams of Income in The Gambia. Additionally, get assisted with secretarial services of our corporate office, telephone contact, P.O.BOX address, Mail forwarding and meeting room for your businesses. Our modern training rooms for meetings are rented at affordable rates. You can use our computer hall for internet based lectures and computer trainings. The smiling coast of The Gambia is peaceful, haven for tourists and business friendly. We welcome you today to the emerging Silicon Valley of Africa.
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Digital Camera

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I have discussed several opportunities on this blog for almost five years now and recommend this book: Multiple Streams of Income in The Gambia to proactive investors or people willing to relocate to live work and invest in The Gambia. I Teach you to retiresee several untapped opportunities awaiting retirees eying this emerging market full of undiscovered potentials. However, I will like to reiterate that for someone who want to re-locate, live, invest or work in this small but beautiful country, bounded by bio-diverse River Gambia, one needs ideas and creative mind and not necessarily lots of cash to live comfortably and smile to the bank always in The Gambia. Let us consider some few examples of investments you can start with only US$10,000 and retire comfortably in a few years’ time below:
1. Refurbishing old cars and buses to new.
With an initial investment of US$500-1,500 an old car or commercial bus abandoned because of the inability of owner to repair or replaced faulty engine can be re-furbished and replaced with new engine and sprayed with new color and sold for between US$2,000-3,000. If on the average 20 cars or buses are refurbished then the investor can make average of US$50,000-60,000 annually on the initial working capital of US$10,000. Similarly, we have many other investment opportunities.
2. Real Estate
3. Day Care/Nursery School
4. Solar Energy Products
5. Packaged water and foods
6. Printing Press and corporate gifts
7. Entertainment Centers
8. Aquaculture and many more.
There are over 150 unique business opportunities with details of startup capital, markets, licensing required, where to site such businesses and anticipated profits highlighted in the book: Multiple Streams of Income in The Gambia. To get a copy send a mail to: for details.

“Tapping from the unique opportunities of Live, Work, Invest or Holiday in The Gambia”

“Tapping from the unique opportunities of Live, Work, Invest or Holiday in The Gambia”
Date: 7th -10th April 2014

Venue: Senegambia Hotel Conference Room, Banjul.
The Gambia
Attendance cost: US$250.
This includes seminar package with the guided tour of historical locations and business meetings with government officials.
Attendees are to arrive latest by 8.00 hrs on 7th April, 2014.

Participants from Nigeria can can book special rates as low as US$439.81 (return tickets) from Gambiabird  Airline.  Special discounted hotel rates available on request as low as US$250 for four nights in a 4 star hotel with meals.

This seminar promises to share the secrets of why the Lebanese, Chinese, Europeans and now Nigerians chooses The Gambia as the preferred place to do real business and smile to the banks despite the meltdown. Topics like how much is needed, immigration matters, cost of business setup, custom duties, how to enter with your goods, types of goods and services to enter with and how much is needed as start-up capital will be discussed. A free book on “Multiple Streams of Income in The Gambia: 150 businesses to choose from” will be an additional benefit to all participants. An interactive question and answer session will follow the presentation. Case Studies will be highlighted with proofs of successful businesses. The trade secrets of successful business men will be revealed. Additionally, job seekers eyeing teaching appointments, contractors will be guided into key projects to bid for, volunteers and investors or other sectors will be guided to have their dreams fulfilled. Any interested investor or trader willing to relocate and settle in The Gambia within 2 weeks can be assisted, even, with little capital. The seminar will also take care of holiday makers desirous of a unique tourist destination with notably places like Makasutu Forest, Janjanbureh, Kunta Kinteh Village(Roots), Abuko Nature Resertve, James Island, Kachikally Crocodile pool and a lot more.
Therefore, keep a date and kindly reserve your seat for the seminar by registering now.
For more details on living in The Gambia, cost of living, people and culture, economy, work opportunities, investment guide and general over view
<a href=””>Click Here!</a>:
Register now, limited spaces available.
We look forward to meeting you.
For more details and reservation form send email to:

Creative Minds Foundation.

50,Garba Jahumpa Road, Bakau New Town.

Bakau.The Gambia.

Tel:+234-8907274, (office)





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