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I shall be sharing with you unique income earning opportunities to do in West Africa, starting with The Gambia. For those outside,The Gambia, i will showcase over 150 internet/online businesses that will make you smile to your bank daily!

Creative Minds Foundation, The Gambia launched a new book recently. A 169 pages of insightful business guide, for the breakthrough of every Gambian in the year 2010 and beyond. This book showcases, 150 businesses to choose from, ranging from those with little or no capital, less than D 5,000 capital, those below D 50,000 capital and above.

Idle and unemployed youths are encouraged to read the book and be empowered with these “MUST SURVIVE” opportunities with NGO loans available. Part-time teachers, students, workers with time on their hands can also find a lot of business ideas to choose from. Established businesses can diversify into new projects classified as “ MUST SUSTAIN” ones. Gambians in diaspora and willing investors can take up on unique ideas classified as “ MUST SUCCEED” ones. In this book you will capture the following very clearly of each of the 150 businesses recommended: Capital required. Yearly Profit Project. Experience/Training required, Staff requirement. How, where and when to start. Marketing/Sales Strategies. International Market/Opportunities available. Permit/License/Product registration. Useful contacts. Additional information.

Additionally, 50 mail order businesses are included, 50 online/internet businesses with work-from-home with little capital opportunities highlighted. Business finance options also included for each of the businesses recommended.

Authored by Mr. Adetunji Aderonmu, a seasoned Business Consultant, Columnist, Television Presenter, Motivational Speaker, a Passionate Naturalist and Insightful Teacher. He is the President of Creative Minds Foundation, The Gambia. He can be reached by

e Tel: 6611884. This book is recommended as a business guide, idea bank, investor manual, trainers’ tool, poverty alleviation project, pre-feasibility report guide, and SME’s list of projects. Part-time workers, unemployed youths, loans officers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, traders, exporters and business trainers will find this book very useful. Get a copy from them today and make multiple stream of income in the new year!


This is the most peaceful country in ECOWAS.With as little as US$50 a decent accommodation can be rented, especially, for West African residents that can work, live, invest or holiday here! Feeding is cheap.With as little as US$50 you’re ok. I mean if you cook by yourself, then you can even spend less. Imagine my surprise to find 2 average fishes sold for D5 in the local market. With US$4, my pot is filled with my choice chicken or meat that will last for 3 days with my rice “Fufu” made to energize my body all day long. How about transportation around?

Well, this is a small country and you get mini-buses and taxis on short and long distances of 5-15km for only D5.With the stable exchange rate at US$1=D25, you need not worry about the business to do.Investments of US$2,000 and above will make you live like a king! However, we encourage you to set-up businesses that will make you employ locals.There are opportunities for industrial businesses li SMEs that MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME IN THE GAMBIA BOOKwill require only US$50,000 and you can own an industry! Properties are available in choice areas.These unique houses of 3-detached houses are sold for US$100,000 and above and these appreciate by 30% every year.For investors looking for unique economies to invest and retire into, think The Gambia!

Tourism? The best eco-tourist country you can visit is found in the smiling coast of West Africa. Let me invite you to Makasutu , Crocodile Pool,James Island or Kanilai farm.No wonder The Gambia records repeat tourist every year.The strength is the Sea, Sun and  Sand. Let me dance to the local african drum a little and will give you more investment packages by next week. Let me have your comments.ALSAMADEEEEE!


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  1. Posted by bukola lawal on September 29, 2010 at 11:52 am

    i want to know where to get your book in nigeria.and also how to be self employed as i need time to take care of my children .



  2. you can order the book from Th Gambia until we have bookstores in Nigeria to market it. The cost is US$50 including the cost of delivery by quick post to Nigeria



  3. “Multiple streams of Income in The Gambia” is a useful resource book with details of about 150 businesses you can start with as little as D5,000 in the Gambia with detail information on each of the businesses like…How to start, Where to start,, star up capital required, annual income expected, where to site the business etc. It showcases businesses on Mail order business, online businesses, home based businesses. It is a compilation of a four year research work on the business climate and investment opportunities in The Gambia. We welcome bulk orders or freelance marketers to buy the books at highly discounted rates and make money from this.



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