Everyone is created with a purpose in life. The inability to discover our hidden talents leads to a life of unending frustration. While there are jobs with tempting offers available to some people, others are not interested because they are fulfilled doing their acts; fulfilling their roles in life. Therefore, it is expedient to know when to leave a
paid employment, especially when you know the “ovation” is loudest for you. We all know we have to start from somewhere. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. You needed the paid employment to sustain your self and family, good! But do you not realize you’ve put in so many years of your productive life with
nothing to show for it? I mean there is no likelihood of a gratuity or pension and what happens to your family
if the unexpected suddenly happens? God forbid! Sorry! I mean how do you handle the situation if you get
sacked when you least expected? Please, kindly follow the suggested “Danger Signals” listed below to let you know it’s time to throw in the towel and call it quits with your current paid employment.
Here are some of the major signals:

1. When you lose interest in replying “Sirs” to your bosses.
2. When you enjoy and welcome Fridays and hate Mondays!
3. When you get moody at colleagues and frown all day long!
4. When the passion and eagerness to do work is lost.
5. When you feel you’re being paid “peanuts” that belongs to
monkeys while you deserve “Cows” as a lion!
6. When you realized you can make far more money if you
invested your energy, time and money on a business venture.
7. When 8-5 daily routine makes you sick.
8. When you easily lose concentration and make mistakes.
9. When you realize you’re more interested in changing jobs.
10. When you become more interested in your friend’s businesses.
11. When you get motivated reading articles on entrepreneurship and
income opportunities.
12. When you lose your sleep daily, thinking of what to retire into or
how to clear your mounting debts.
13. When you’re always borrowing to feed, settle the utility bills and
mere existing rather than living a fulfilled life.
14. When you think you know more than your boss; yet he earns more than you.
15. When you realize you’re always day dream about your own business when working for others.
16. When you discover you are always anxious for the day to end to rush home,
you’re sick and tired of the job.
17. When you notice you pay less attention to how you look when at work.
18. When you spend half of the time reading newspapers, chatting, loitering around
or making uncontrollably personal calls daily while at work.
19. When you get irritated on official complains of your delay in carrying out your responsibilities.
20. When your requests for permissions to be out of work on the grounds of settling bills, family disputes, etc becomes exceedingly high. A query is imminent, yet, you’re not bothered.
21. When co-workers begin to ask you: “what is the matter with our loss of concentration”?
22. When temptation to compromise your integrity gets uncontrollably high.
23. When you suddenly develop self inferiority complex.
24. When you get too emotional about trivial matters.
25. When you get enveloped with fear-SACK fear!
26. When you keep procrastinating writing your resignation letter.
27. When you lose faith in your ability to continue with the present job.
28. When you start hoping to win millions in a lottery.
29. When your contribution or input in staff meetings declines.
30. When you starts losing the respect of all staff ; even, the gateman!

There is a word of caution here. These “Danger Signals” can also be substituted for situations where a new job is needed or a change of attitude is required for you to continue your present work and not necessarily to resign and go into self employment. The point raised here is to ask you to discover your
true self. Assess your self daily, and see if you actually needed to look for a better work else where or you’ll be happy being self-employed. If you’ve decided to go into full self employment, fine.

However, you need to give it time, save for your business, plan and strategies. Know when to quit
your present job. Save some money, do some research, don’t assume. Plan time for self development
by reading motivational books and attending Leadership Training Seminars. Make some findings
about the area to invest your hard earned money. Alternatively, you can be doing the business
alongside the regular job until such a time that you’ve built enough trust, experience and finances to
go solo. Get my book on: “Multiple Streams of Income in The Gambia” This will guide you to
choose from 150 businesses with little or no capital. Additionally, read this book on how to plan
your life, be proactive and manage your time effectively: ‘Take Time” by Abiodun Olusoji.
Both books are available locally and internationally.
Remember this wise saying:
“Nothing is yours until you discover it; true leadership is self-discovery” by Myles Munroe.
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