Can US$5,000 investment change your life?

Yes. Absolutely yes, especially if invested in The Gambia.
There are over 150 small businesses that can be established
and make you rich. If you read this book: Multiple Streams of
Income in The Gambia, then one will realize that, even US$200
can change some people’s destiny!

Are you short of ideas on what to do as an unemployed person, or
you desire new ideas to make income from? As discussed in some previous postings on this blog. The Gambia is a preferred destination for investors and small start-up capital businesses with high potential for growth and residual income to retire into.

From real estate, food production and packaging, recycling of waste and establishment of educational institutions, The Gambia is a sure bet to invest a little amount and recoup same within a relatively shorter span of time. It is ideal for both short and long term investments.

With a low crime rate and zero tolerance to corruption by the government, I find this robust economy friendly to wise investors. Above all, it is peaceful and investment friendly!

The cost of setting up similar businesses else where can be outrageous. Imagine setting up a bakery for US$8,000 in
The Gambia and generating income of excess US$30,000
annually compared to the cost of setting same in Lagos or
Accra for US$50,000!

Monthly payments of office or residential apartments are
allowed unlike the 2-4 year rent being demanded elsewhere.

The labour hired is cheaper and bureaucracy minimized when
a license is needed. No wonder, when I told a Lebanese friend
on a flight to Banjul that I see The Gambia paved with gold and
he smiled that he knew that 25 years ago when he first established his business with only US$500 which is worth more than US$5 million dollars today!

Plan to attend the forthcoming Business/Holiday tour of
The Gambia coming up between 28th-30th April 2011
for details on investment profile and Work, Live, Invest,
Holiday and Reside opportunities in The Gambia and registration,
send an email to


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