Hidden Treasures in The Gambia

Developing countries are always places to make huge and quick returns from your real estate investments. Assuming you invested US$1,000 about 10 years ago in a property within the suburbs or provinces; you are likely to sell it for between US$50,000-70,000 depending on the market forces today.

The Gambia situation is a perfect example of investing in a developing country. Most tourists visiting The Gambia end up buying some large piece of land in the rural, forest areas, predominantly used for agricultural purposes and turn them into organic farms with guest chalets rented out on daily basis.

An investment of US$40,000 about 4 years ago was evaluated to be worth US$200,000 today! This property was landscaped and made Eco-friendly with fruit tress and people are now rushing to build holiday resorts around it.
Now let me show you the hidden treasures. Real estate investment can be replicated in most peaceful developing countries especially like the smiling coast of The Gambia which is a good tourist destination.

There are however four major checks to make, before investing your money.

Firstly, is the area free from government acquisition? Visit the town planning office and discuss with the officials and double-check on the area.

Secondly, be sure the area is not liable to flood during the wet seasons, make your accurate findings.

Thirdly, only pay to the right person in the presence of key witnesses and get the documents legalized by the village head like “Alkalo”.

Finally, establish your physical presence by surveying and clearing the land and plant trees or fence newly purchased properties or erect a sign post to indicate the change in ownership. After payment is made, you can choose any of these six options listed below to multiply your investments:

1. Divide the land into smaller plots and resell after 4-10 years when the land will have appreciated after fencing the entire area into a housing estate.

2. Turn the land into a farm settlement and hire out the land to investors or farmers using your facility like irrigation water, farm-house, tractors etc.

3. Establish an educational institution and re-sell excess land to most people willing to buy land next to such institutions.

4. Start an Eco-friendly farmstead where tourists will come to rent your chalets, view the serenity and relax on the lawns. Bird watching, fishing expedition, hunting, organic farming can be incorporated. Skill training center can also be established to generate unique multiple streams of income.

5. Establish an orchard for fruits like oranges, cashew, mango and combine with bee-keeping while keeping small ruminants and sell the land after 6-10 years when the value will have appreciated tremendously!

6. If you have the financial muscle, why not develop the land by providing basic amenities and build different classes of homes and sell to mortgage banks to re-sell to people.

Finally, you can plan to retire into these types of investments in the next 5-15 years if you invested that savings of between US$10,000-200,000 into a small country like The Gambia where you can find hidden treasures in the form of real estate investment.

Smiling coast of The Gambia

We welcome further inquiries on investment opportunities in this peaceful country with hidden treasures!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Nga def, I am interested in finding about importing from the Gambia. I am seeking shipping resources that is affordable and capable of shipping art and other items from the Gambia to the US and Europe. My business centers on me being able to deliver goods at a timely and affordable manner from the Gambia. I have not been able to source anything beyond DHL in Gambia and they are extremely expensive. I feel trade from the Gambia, selling its wares to the outside world –online is necessary so entreprenuers in the Gambia dont have to rely on tourists to physically come to Gambia to purchase their cultural art. Thanks for reading my question, I’m just seeking answers wherever I can.



  2. Thanks for your mail.You can use Gampost which is cheaper but slower than DHL. Alternatively, we use special airlines cargo services for special flights coming to the country. We will be able to assist you for moving some of the cargo when necessary.



  3. Posted by Fatima on April 11, 2018 at 12:46 am

    How much tha house cost



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