Welcome to The Gambia. This is a packaged tour of the country with arrays of cars to rent or use the car hire service of CMF Tours.
A ferry ride on this navigable river will soothe stressful minds and the mangroves with the moneys and baboons entertaining visitors with natural melodies created by over 500 species of birds found in these virgin forests .A visit to Kachikali Crocodile Pool with the sacred ground offers visitors an experience of swimming in the same water with crocodiles and even playing with them without being hurt; this can only be experienced here and no where else. Abuko Nature Reserve is another place included in the offer that offers the uniqueness of seeing different types of reptiles, monkeys and other wild animals. Bird Watchers will find most of the forest areas the right places to do their filming. Another place to catch more excitements is the Fathala Reserve located between The Gambia and Senegal Border. This will provide the plat form to enter Senegal with this package. This reserve offers visitors the opportunity of riding among herds of antelopes especially the rarest ones of the Western Giant eland. Giraffes, rhinos and buffaloes are common sights to reward your visiting this park showcasing species threatened by extinction. A visit to The Gambia is never complete without experiencing the Makasutu Culture Forest. This is the best eco hotel in the world according to The Sunday Times, UK. This is home to a troupe of over 200 baboons, floating houses on water, a night of culture and dancing in the sacred forest blending with the river. The serenity and preserved forest undisturbed with the traditional people living around will always tell a natural story of the rich culture of The Gambia. The Kunta Kinteh Island in the Village of Jeffureh is an historical site of the slave era told in the film ROOTS. The National Museum in Banjul has collections of most of the artifacts. There are several relaxation sites around the Senegambia area with night clubs, beaches, restaurants and children recreational park. Bakau, Serrekunda and Bakau craft markets are places to shop for African crafts like drums, bangles, tie & dye prints and several traditional beads and carvings done locally depicting the rich culture of Senegambia. A city tour of the popular markets like Banjul, Serrekunda, Brikama, Banjul and Kairaba Avenue has been incorporated showing the true hospitality of Gambians to Visitors. Tourists can engage in fishing expeditions around the Denton Bridge or join in bird watching to take home good memories of the smiling coast of West Africa recorded on their cameras. Transportation is well coordinated with this packaged tour with flexibility of renting cars from the array of exotic cars provided by CMF Tours. A week of this soul lifting holiday will definitely soothe moods, reduce stress levels and provide the ideal Eco-tourist adventure for busy executives as an ideal form of relaxation. Experience this one week Eco-tourism in The Gambia and have a renewed mind to generate new ideas and new order of creativity for greater exploits and inventions desired. For details of booking, send email to: with subject: CMF Tours (One week Eco-tourism in The Gambia)

Rent -a-Car in Gambia

Explore nature and be immersed into Gambian culture


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