I have residential and commercial plots at Giboro near the border 35x35m plots for US$1,000 residential plot that can be developed into tourist centers or guest houses.Another plot 500x 600m for either a school, community project or agricultural program for only US$25,000
Anyone with an investment of US$15,000 can buy a cheap land and build a decent 2 sets of 2-room apartments that can pay back within 6-8 years and you own a property. The same is what you spent to rent a luxurious apartment in the high brow areas for holiday.Now why rent when you can buy cheap land, build and rent out? The investment made today will make you smile tomorrow.This is the goldmine i discovered a few years ago and i wondered why most people are still ignorant and are not making hay while the sun shines? The beauty of The Gambian investment is that you get no hassles from the locals and you have a ready market to pick your property if you put it up for sale. This is a good investment for real estate projects.Where else can you get cheap affordable plots of land with good access roads,with warm and hospitable host communities that smile all the time.This is only possible in The Gambia. Own Gambian properties today.For details contact:


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