Bakau Entrepreneurship Programme for Youths

Creative Minds Foundation, a charitable, non-profit making organization has launched: “Bakau Entrepreneurship Programme for youths”. This innovative project seeks to empower Bakau youths between the ages of 18-30 years in unique vocational skill training. These include Leadership Development Skills, Briquette and briquette stove making, red bricks production and organic compost manure and pellet fertilizer from animal waste. The skill training center located at Bakau Newtown, offers free training for Bakau youths, The Gambia, with additional micro-loan financing for successful applicants with good mastery of their respective chosen business enterprise.This project is funded by UN-Habitat. The major motivation by Creative Minds Foundation for sponsoring this project in Bakau is to alleviate poverty and impact knowledge of useful but unique vocational skills. The holistic approach of this intervention will solve many problems of environmental abuse using firewood and wood charcoal with a replacement of briquette fuel for cooking. Secondly, the cheap, stronger affordable and environmentally friendly red bricks will reduce the cost of urban housing. Lastly, the income generation potential of these enterprises is sustainable in Bakau.
The mission of Creative Minds Foundation is to render support to the people of The Gambia in the areas of skill training, industrial technological transfer, education and empowerment of youths to be economically independent. Creative Minds Foundation can be reached on +220-Creative Minds Training ProgrammeDigital CameraDigital Camera890-7274. In the words of the project coordinator, Ms Yetunde Awolesi, she opined thus: “Whatever you think in your mind is what you become. A creative mind thinks of new ways to solve the myriads of economic problems plaguing Africans today. Fortunately, at Creative Minds Foundation, we provide youths with economic solutions to change their circumstances positively and become true achievers”
Bakau youths are, therefore, encouraged to take the bull by the horns and be empowered for sustainable growth and development of their community today by joining this ongoing training and be self- employed using an interest free micro-loan finance offered after training by Creative Minds Foundation.


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