Creative Minds Empowerment Programme

This is an innovative empowerment programme that will make every creative individual financially independent. You can meet your set life goals of becoming self employed, enjoying stress free educational pursuits, buying and living in your own house, enjoying modern luxuries of life. Be fulfilled and ride new cars, use latest mobile phones, tablets, travel abroad and live life to the fullest like a King or queen, and not just barely existing and be counted as a mere statistic in your community.

small size CMEP


Balloon Decoration
Landscaping &Gardening
Floral Arrangement
Children Entertainment
Stage acting & Drama
Mobile Phone Repairs
Hair Dressing
Fashion design
Manicure & Pedicure
Public Speaking
Aquarium making
Fundraising for Charities & NGOs
Cake Making
Bee Keeping & Honey Production
Manure Composting
Red Bricks & Paving Stones making
Food Processing, Preservation & Packaging
Blogging & Newsletter Editors
Work from Home income opportunities

Members of the network should kindly request for training resources and calendar for their respective countries in Africa

The Gambia
Gambia Senior Secondary School Banjul. The Gambia
Time:2pm – 4pm Every Saturday.

Registration: Send Your names and type of program interested by text/sms to +220- 7711884, 6611884

For further information send email to:


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