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Ostrich ImageOstrich farming is today’s money spinner that will make you become a village millionaire. This is the secret no millionaire is willing to tell you. To start with get a good breed of 2-3 months old chicks as a starter. Rear this for two years and use this as your breeding stock using your Ostrich egg setter and hatcher. However, you need an initial investment of US$45,000 to operate a commercial farm to retire into.

Break down of costs and income projected.

Initial cost                                                                                                                              US$

  1. Cost of buying 50 chicks (2-3 months old ) @ US$500 each                                25,000
  2. Cost of feeding and Veterinary drugs for 30 months (Point of lay)                     5,000
  3. Cost of land acquisition and fencing in a village (One hectare)                           5,000
  4. Labour and transport cost                                                                                            2,500
  5. Egg Incubator                                                                                                                  1,500
  6. Miscellaneous cost                                                                                                          5,000                      Total Cost                                                                                                       45,000

INCOME (After 2 years)

Each mature female lays 60-80 eggs and our incubator hatches 98%. Mortality is 5% before 2 months.

  1. 40 mature chicks hatches 50 eggs per year        OR 2,000 Chicks production
  2.  If Eggs are sold at US$100 each income is   US$200,000
  3. If chicks allowed to reach 3 months and sold @ US$500 each, income is US$ I million Note: Ostriches can live for 50 years or more. One can make money from Eggs, meat, hides and skin, oil and tourism


We presently sell foundation stock of female and male stocks that are bred naturally without any genetic manipulation of genes and fit for human consumption in our organic farm. Additionally, we also offer training and consultancy for interested investors. For details Contact:  WhatsApp: +220-2703934



Are you interested in investing in the smiling coast of Africa- The Gambia?

Do you want to live, work, invest or retire to The Gambia with ease?


The comprehensive investment guide report includes the following:

  1. A 168pages book titled: Multiple streams of income in The Gambia.
  2. 20 Hot Commodities to export to The Gambia from Nigeria, Ghana or Guinea.
  3. How to get to Banjul from Lagos by road in 4 days with only $150 ( feeding, transport, border stampings included)
  4. Cost of living breakdown, where to stay for ease of movement, affordable apartments to pay only three months rent, shops/office to rent and deposit for 3 months only, affordable landed property to establish your factory, etc.
  5. How to live and work with ease for professionals like graduate teachers, lecturers, sport trainers, mobile and laptop repairers, Automobile mechanics, ICT professionals, consultants etc.
  6. How to successfully establish a profitable export business with only $5000.
  7. 20 pitfalls to avoid when residing, working, or investing in The Gambia.
  8. How to register your sole proprietorship or charity/not-for-profit within one week with only $100and $200 respectively.
  9. Be assisted to get your work and residence permit, TIN no., bank account opening, invitation letter etc.

This entire package with more is available to you for a special offer of $100.

Additionally, we give you FREE 2 day’s hostel accommodation upon arrival and also pick you up at the airport or land border to Banjul. Why not contact us now for business?

WhatsApp no. +2202703934

Volunteering in The Gambia

18112010939Experience a cultural immersion while volunteering in the smiling coast of The Gambia. Get more details from the blog:


Miss Sis Magazine for youths


The 12th edition of the International Roots Festival 2016

The 12th edition of the International Roots Festival which is a historical, cultural and educational event, scheduled to take place in The Gambia from the Friday 6th – Friday 13th May 2016. Plan now to attend.We will cover the events and will be willing to guide participants that can contact us directly.For hotel reservations  & bookings,   packaged  visits to historical sites and ticket purchase call +220-6611884 or email:  Check the website below for the itinerary of events


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